✿ May in Film ❀

“March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers” 

I’m really happy with how this roll of film turned out! The colours turned out beautifully in this one, and I have fewer bad shots – and only one terribly underexposed one in the whole roll, an improvement from the previous roll! c:

I just wish that film isn’t such an expensive hobby :-( The cost of buying a new disposable camera every month and developing the film adds up, sigh. But I’m a little hesitant about investing in a “legit” film camera, as I don’t quite have the skills to use it and I feel like I will be wasting even more money and film on experimentation. The camera I’m using right now is so easy to use, it’s simply a case of point-and-shoot.

And you get such lovely effects!


I feel like this shot came out a lot nicer this time round! I took a similar one in my April post (view it here)! They were taken from different angles though. This photo was taken in the early morning one day, when I was planning to make a visit to Nylon but I was a bit too early.

0036_35A000047540036 0037_36A000047540037

Robertson Quay / Toby’s Estate for breakfast (or lunch, or brunch) with Darryl one Sunday morning


St Andrew’s Cathedral – the most beautiful church in Singapore, and this photo does not do justice to it.

0027_26A000047540027 0029_28A000047540029

Sights along Orchard Road 

0033_32A000047540033 0035_34A000047540035

More Chinatown stuff, early morning walks

0024_23A000047540024 0025_24A000047540025

Left: Dempsey Hill, where I was brought to see the big fish in that pond

Right: Gillman Barracks (I’m really upset at how my finger ruined the photo), taken after brunch at the Red Baron one morning

0021_20A000047540021 0015_14A000047540015

Random photos on walks. I don’t remember where the photo on the right was taken, but it was a beautiful day. Evidently.

0007_6A000047540007 0002_0A000047540002

Left: Jalan Besar in the evening, on the way to Swee Choon for dinner with the guys

Right: Bras Basah Complex, when I went to buy copic markers for an art thing I’m trying to do

0008_7A000047540008 0009_8A000047540009

Along Clemenceau Avenue, just before River Valley, // Fort Canning Hotel 

both taken on the way to yoga class one day

0005_4A000047540005 0004_3A000047540004

Left: Spruce @ the Old Fire Station

Right: A Challenge. We were walking, and chanced upon a little stream of water flowing and you said, “a professional photographer would be able to capture the exact flow of the water”, and i decided to try taking a photograph of it myself. I’d like to think that it came out pretty well, especially for an amateur like me. 

0011_10A000047540011 0010_9A000047540010

Left: Food Center in Mountbatten

Right: Dakota Crescent (where Tian Kee and Co is located), which will be completely redeveloped in 2016

I’m really glad that I managed to capture the picture on the right as I managed to get a picture of (one part of) this old estate before it gets torn down, and another condominium (or whatever new thing) takes its place. I have very mixed feelings about development. On one hand, it’s good that we’re always trying to move forward and progress towards the future, right? Especially given the continued rise in population and constant need to supply housing for people.

But on the other hand… It feels like we’re losing such part of our history. And history is important, although I dropped the subject after Sec 2. It’s important to retain bits and pieces of heritage, of the ‘old Singapore’, of what used to be.

But it’s so hard to make a judgment on what should be done. We can’t put numerical values on such things, in the sense that you can’t quantify the value of the past vs the potential gain from the future, because they both add value, but in different ways.


Zouk in the day (LOL) 

0032_31A000047540032 0031_30A000047540031

Left: Botanic Gardens MRT, on a random morning

Right: Just outside the Plaza, along Beach Road (taken pre-interview, while I was lying down) 

0022_21A000047540022 0023_22A000047540023

Left: On the way to Assembly, where the flower shop is 

Right: Fire station at Marymount on the way to the MRT

0013_12A000047540013 0012_11A000047540012

 The Day My Photos Turned Out Really Well.

Left: Kallang River, Right: Along Nicoll Highway

I’m ending off this series of photographs with two that I really love. In fact, they’re my favourites in the whole album, but I like the one taken along Nicoll Highway best. On the left side of the picture, you can see the CBD, all the tall, metallic structures, in darker hues. But on the right, you see a glimpse of somewhat “older” Singapore; a different side of it: HDB estates, mostly painted in white. And they are somewhat divided by that tall Black and White structure in the middle, The Concourse. It’s an interesting contrast, and I like it very much – standing in the middle of it all, a changing landscape.


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