[Classic] Oreo Cheesecake

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My mother is a frequent flyer – she’s always going on a business trip to one place or another, at least once a month. It’s great that she gets to travel around and see the world, but I do miss her. She’s on one such trip now.

When I was younger (and sometimes even now), my mom would bake my sisters and I some delicious goodies to keep our sweet little teeth satiated in the time she was away. Some of these goodies included jelly hearts, her signature sugar cookies (which she would enlist our help in cutting and shaping them) and of course, Oreo cheesecake. To date, her recipe is one of my go-to recipes for cheesecake (because it’s simply so adaptable!!) and I’ve made a few changes based on some advice online.

In this cake, I added a little cookie butter crumble on top – or at least, I attempted to make cookie butter. It’s a really interesting creation I’ve got on my hands, but for now I think I’ll need to fine-tune the recipe a bit more before putting it up here. It’s amazing what a little bit of morning inspiration can do.

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Speaking of mornings, I took a walk to the nearby mall (?) – not too sure what to call it because it’s like a tiny office building, but with a number of food places plus a cold storage at the ground floor – to pick up some cheesecake ingredients + bread from Simply Bread this morning and I don’t know if it’s just me but everything and everyone seems to be nicer in the mornings. Also chatted a little with the friendly security guard who wished me a good day and to study hard! Though I don’t need to study for the next few months, but still – it’s nice. Going to try to do the morning walk thing a bit more since I’ve got time on my hands – the only problem with doing so is coming back all sweaty, thanks to Singapore’s weather. Quite a pain.

But thankfully, there’s now a slice of lovely cooled cheesecake sitting and waiting for me from my fridge! The result of this morning’s bake is a creamy dream, accompanied by a crunchy Oreo crust and some crumble thing on the top. The topping has yet to be perfected (or at least, I’m not confident of sharing it yet) – so I’ll post the recipe (in full) when I’m ready. In the meantime however, enjoy the pictures!

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(Featuring my adorable baby sister in the background! Though she’s not quite a baby anymore.)


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