Tian Kee and Co

Tian Kee is nestled among blocks of low-rise housing, a quiet estate upon which the sun shines, where skies are blue and a rustic charm is thrown upon you. Redeveloped into a cafe, it is lovely to see how the current Tian Kee retains features of its former self. The original iris-blue signboard remains, as do all them old-school vibes this place exudes.

And no, I did not take any pictures of the signboard.

The first thing I noticed as I walked towards the cafe was how calm and peaceful the entire area was. Dakota Crescent, you have certainly amazed me. I never knew that such tranquility could be found within Singapore’s bustling city, but there it is.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Don’t expect any of that fancy-schmancy coffee you find at some other cafes here, for Tian Kee keeps its coffee menu simple and straightforward. The fanciest thing you would probably find is the rose-infused coffee thing, but I just opted for the iced black (with a side of milk, which may I add came in the cutest little mug!).

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Food here is too kept simple, and I had the Half Breakfast set. The scrambled eggs that more closely resembled an omelette took me back to my childhood when I would have a simple fried egg for breakfast. I couldn’t taste (or smell) any truffle in my eggs, though. These things happen. The salad was great, though! The amount of dressing given was rather generous and I quite like my salads with lots of dressing on them, so…

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And of course, here is the most highly-instagrammed item of the cafe – the rainbow cheesecake! I must say, those colours look amazing both in and off the camera! The crust was great, but I felt the cheesecake part was a little too gelatinous – it was a bit too silky. The yuan yang cheesecake on the left was amazing, however! The flavours came through beautifully; both the coffee and the milk tea layers. They were not only prominent, but they somehow managed to complement each other. I personally preferred the texture of the yuan yang to the rainbow cheesecake.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Brunch buddies for the day! I’m actually not too sure what both of you were looking at, but thanks for the company yesterday :) Hopefully we can make it back to Tian Kee one day before the whole estate gets redeveloped into a something next year… Sigh, development is such a double-edged sword.


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