This post is somewhat painful to write because I’ve actually written up this review a long time ago, but I somehow can’t find it anywhere in my WordPress posts. But I like this place so much, I’ll write it again. The year has only just begun, and this cafe has only been around for about three months but it is already one of my favourite cafes!

I’ve returned to this place about six times in less than a month, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Revelry is incredibly spacious and the noise doesn’t ricochet off the walls, producing a relatively peaceful atmosphere even as the cafe fills up towards the middle of the day. I love the abundance of natural light in the cafe as well, which complements the beautiful design. I’m personally a huge fan of the elephant drawings on the wall as well! Good vibes, good vibes.

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waffle benedict

On my first visit, I came to get some university applications done. We both got the Waffle Benedict, which was amazing, to say the least. Really really. These waffles are incredibly light and crisp, making them the perfect companion to the generous amount of toppings for they don’t leave you feeling painfully full after a few bites. They don’t have much flavour to them, allowing you to appreciate each and every component of the waffle as a whole. The saltiness of the bacon (which was really salty, which is just what I like but might be a bit much for others), the tartness of the hollandaise, and the wilted spinach. As I mentioned above, they are incredibly generous!

Perfectly poached eggs. Google, and you’ll find many websites teaching you how to make “perfectly poached eggs”. I think we can safely agree that a perfect poached egg has to have a lovely, plump exterior that is solid and accompanied by a beautiful golden river of ooey gooey yolk. It’s like the middle child of hard and soft boiled eggs. But these are hard to accomplish; even some of the best cafes fail to consistently achieve such poached egg perfection. Now, I’m very passionate about my eggs, and I take my runny yolks very seriously – when they’re meant to run, that is. I mean, why would you want a poached egg with a dry, cooked yolk?! Just eat a hard boiled egg, for goodness’ sakes.

Back to the Benedict. These eggs are actually one of the best poached eggs I’ve had, and trust me, I’ve had a lot of poached eggs around. They made me so happy. These, my friends, are the definition of perfectly poached.

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The little flag is absolutely adorable.

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iced black // iced white

Despite having a reputation as a “waffle cafe” for its primary focus on waffles, Revelry’s standard of coffee is far from compromised. They use coffee from Allpress, one of four cafes in Singapore that do. From New Zealand, the coffee beans are dark and smooth, not in the least bit acidic. I have returned on multiple occasions for the coffee alone, and I’m quite sure I will continue to! It’s quite worth it as well, hehe.

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oreo cheesecake

I’m honestly not too sure if the cakes are made in-house, but what I am sure about is the fact that I’ve had my eye on this cake ever since I first stepped into this cafe. I think I’ve talked about my love for Oreos and cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake in a previous post, so I’ll spare you here. This cheesecake was rather gelatinous, and a little stiff on the outside but the creaminess of the cheese became more prominent as I dug further into the cheesecake (with my fork, which was shaped somewhat like a key!) The side of whipped cream was a delicate yet much-needed touch, for it managed to somewhat offset the initial stiffness of the cake. I think I’ll try the salted caramel cheesecake next time.

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truffle fries

These are some of the best truffle fries I’ve had, period. The portion is just right for a snack, and it’s perfect for sharing. It’s also very decently priced ($7!), and the addition of parmesan and spring onions are a yes from me!! Spending about five hours there on the first visit inhaling the aroma of truffle on a full stomach became too much to handle, and resulted in a next-day return for the truffle fries.

I had actually wanted to post a review a while ago, and (as you read above) it was all typed up already but never published, as I wanted to try the sweet waffles just to ensure that the waffles were just as good sweet as they were savoury! The other night, my family decided to head out to Revelry for dessert where we ordered three waffles to share and the sweet waffles are pretty darn good as well.

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monkey king

Some of the waffles here have really funky names, and Monkey King certainly is one of them. The toppings are pretty genius actually – caramelised bananas, banana bread chunks, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup on the side. Everything went fantastically together: the bananas were beautifully caramelised, the bread was dense with hints of banana and well, you can never really go wrong with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I go bananas for bananas. The only thing was that we forgot to pour the maple syrup over the waffle, but I suspect it might have overdone the waffle’s level of sweetness so I guess it’s ok. I think I’m growing up, for I can’t down the amount of sugar that I used to be able to.

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strawberries and cream

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The strawberries and cream waffle truly lives up to its name; especially the latter. Spy the three different types of cream on top! That being said, I loved the use of the three creams (whipped cream, cream cheese and ice cream) – I’m a huge fan of the combination; it’s a very British thing. I got hooked onto strawberries during a summer program in Oxford, when I would buy and polish off an entire 400g of strawberries a day, on a regular basis. Cream was involved only once in a while.

A Valentines’ Day special, my mom and I had originally planned to order the apple cinnamon waffle until we spied a little board displaying this option at the counter. I’m a sucker for specials – the whole idea of it being for a “limited time only!” sets off this little alarm in me, and I just have to get it. And get it, I did. Don’t be deceived by the picture, for there is a lot of peanut butter and jelly hidden underneath that scoop of ice cream. Not that it’s a bad thing :p The many thin bits of almond added that little crunch to the waffle – I love the textures involved here. Such a classic combination, PB & J, and a classic, classy waffle indeed.

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peanut butter and jelly


Across the three waffles, the taste and texture were rather consistent and served to highlight the flavour pairings! With that, I think I can come to a conclusion that the waffles here are simply fantastic, and I think I’ll be trying that apple cinnamon one next.

Another thing I also love about Revelry is the friendly atmosphere of the cafe, it is rather homely and the owners are pretty much always there and ready to welcome you with a warm smile. I actually finished almost all of my university applications here as the environment is so welcoming and conducive, and they let me stay in the cafe to work for quite a while. Oh, and I also left my keyboard sleeve in the cafe the first time I went and they were really nice about it when I went back for it! :)

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Do make a trip down to this lovely space if you can, for I can assure you it is more than worth it. Bring a book, your laptop, a friend.



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