Dutch Colony Coffee Co. @ Frankel Avenue

I’ve been spoiled; living in Singapore all my life. When I have to travel for half an hour to get somewhere, I consider the journey ‘far’. Changing buses and trains? It feels like a hassle. Getting from the West to the East of Singapore? It feels like I’m going to the other side of the world. When my friend from America visited, getting somewhere within half an hour was considered a short distance already. How we underestimate the convenience of living in a small country like Singapore.

Or well, small compared to the rest of the world, I guess.

We had to cab there. It was a ‘fourteen-minute walk’ from Kembangan MRT (according to GoogleMaps), but our sense of direction was questionable at best. (Also, lazy.) I hoped the journey would be worth it. I go to the Dutch Colony at Pasarbella every once in a while for my coffee fix, and it has never disappointed. I’m a huge fan of the smooth blends of coffee; and the cups have lovely designs on them too.

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iced cappuccino

Maybe I should have stuck to my usual iced latte or mocha; this didn’t quite hit the spot for me. It felt a little on the bitter side. I actually prefer the hot coffees from Dutch Colony, but yesterday was just too hot. Before the rain started pouring, at least. My friend Stace had the iced mocha which I forgot to ask her about, but as she didn’t say anything I’ll guess that it was just about average.

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The french toast sounded fantastic on paper; the addition of bacon, a caramelised banana, ricotta cheese and strawberries sounded divine. A balance between sweet and savoury. This was actually one of the main reasons why I wanted to come all the way to the East, having seen various pictures on Instagram.

The french toast was alright; decent I would say. The egg flavour could have shone through better, I thought. However, I quite liked the components – and I definitely loved the idea of them. But I think I’ll try to recreate this at home next time instead – no travel time involved!

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I really liked the layout of the place though! It was airy, and the window on the roof let in lots of natural light (my favourite thing!) – reminding me of Wimbly Lu. I like how it isn’t claustrophobia-inducing, a feature found in many cafes nowadays. On a nice day, I wouldn’t even mind sitting outside. The tables are a nice size, making it a good place to sit down with your laptop and do some work, or chill.

Although I didn’t feel this journey was quite worth it, I do feel slightly compelled to go back again, just to try the sandwiches (I’ve heard good things about them), as well as the thai milk tea loaf and the peanut butter and banana cake which looked absolutely delicious. The only problem is the journey. To the East. But if you do live in the East, this place would be worth making a trip to, for the coffee.

Also, a shoutout to the nice guy who shared his umbrella with us on the way to the train station! I hope you had a nice day and that your bus came on time.



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