Bold Street Coffee [Liverpool]

It’s past 1 in the morning and I am sitting at my table, listening to Echosmith and tapping away on my keyboard. Thinking about food. As always – when am I not thinking about food, anyway? I think J can attest to the number of times we talk at night when I suddenly muse about a certain food, or a cafe I am going to try the next day, before I drop the “oh dear, I’m craving xxx” bomb.

He’s now asleep, but I’m still thinking about food. So I shall talk about Bold Street Coffee, one of my favourite cafes on the entire trip in December.


The cafe gives off an incredibly homey vibe; with a warm and inviting feel to it. I could imagine myself sitting at one of these tables doing a math paper, or some econs essay plans. If only there was a Bold Street Coffee in Singapore!

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one of the many flat whites I drank on the trip

The flat white reminded me of home, which was a lovely feeling – there wasn’t too much milk (which I found happened too often when lattes were ordered in the UK), and with beautiful latte art. Earlier that day, I had also read an article about how serving coffee in darker coloured cups enhanced the taste of the coffee, making it taste less bitter, hence I was somewhat appreciative of the black cup my coffee came in. Sense perception in everyday life!

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For my breakfast before embarking on the 3-and-a-half-hour long ride back to London from Liverpool, I had a bowl of peanut butter and jelly porridge with bananas! I think it was one of the specials of the day as it was written on a board at the counter. The serving was generous, with a huge dollop of peanut butter and berry jam right in the middle of the bowl [as pictured above]. The oats were delightfully chewy, not too dry nor too wet. Just how I liked them. I only wish there were more banana slices, but the porridge was so good with the PB & J alone, I didn’t complain.

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My mom and sister shared the french toast (in the top right of the picture above), and they added extra bacon. The french toast was easily the best one on the trip, as far as I can remember. Light and fluffy and complemented by the crispy bacon.  They even ordered a second plate, something that rarely happens in my family!

My other sister had a croissant with smoked salmon (top left) and my dad, the bircher muesli which came with a small jug of milk on the side (towards the bottom right). The latter came with a selection of fruits and granola. It seemed rather ordinary, so if you do get the opportunity to stop by this place I highly, highly recommend the porridge and the french toast.

The menu may be small, but the coffee packs a punch; and the food’s got character and this place certainly has heart.

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Bold Street Coffee
89 Bold Street
Liverpool L1 4HF


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