IMG_5731  It was a very, very, very wet morning.

Got out of the house and to the bus stop by 730 in hopes of not arriving late, now being all-too-familiar with the (incredibly long) travelling time to get from my house to the Chinatown area where sadly, most cafes are concentrated. At least Singapore is pretty well-connected. Nevertheless, I made it at the same time as my cafe hopping buddy (s/o to @alexcrumb!) despite missing my bus stop by quite a distance – things always work out in the end.

Today, we were on a hunt for the elusive Ronin, a cafe without a signboard and was hidden in something like a crevice; a little dent, a hole in the wall. Thankfully, the search didn’t take long, and the inviting smell of brewing coffee drew us in as we excitedly sat ourselves down at the round table – they have lovely tables – near the counter.


We ordered our coffees and food, and got ourselves ready for another round of work (and letter-writing, for alex). I was pretty impressed with the efficiency of the place – our coffees came rather quickly and boy, were they good.

Left: Cappuccino, Right: Latte

The latte had a good roast and a smooth body, and it was not too milky, either. I enjoyed it.


Left: French toast with bacon, apple and hazelnut butter. Right: Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon and portobello mushroom (not pictured)

The scrambled eggs were incredibly smooth and creamy – a little too creamy for my preference, which made them feel a little heavy – but they were good nonetheless. They made a fantastic pair with the crispy toast and bacon. (The bacon was rather crispy itself!) I also ate it alone with the portobello mushroom, that was good too. But go with whatever floats your boat, really – they had other options to go with their scrambled eggs as well, such as avocado.

I also liked the french toast, which Alex gave me a bit of with the apple and hazelnut butter. The french toast went really well with the apple, and according to Alex, the french toast with the scrambled eggs made a good pair too. You can never have too many eggs. Also, let us take a moment to appreciate the hazelnut butter. It was a creamy, beautiful thing. Unfortunately, the portion of the french toast was too big and it got a little much after a while, according to Alex.

We stayed there for a good two hours and a bit, working rather productively with good music playing in the background!! Always appreciative of cafes that play good music. Granted, the term ‘good music’ is terribly subjective but hey, you can never really go wrong with The Beatles’ “Come Together”.

Just like the way so many things did here today.

17 Hong Kong Street
Open Tuesdays-Sundays 8am-8pm


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